NCE Preliminary Channel Search

Important information about this tool

  • This tool is intended to give more detailed information on potentially available reserved band NCE channels in preparation for the NCE filing window in 2021.
  • This tool uses a point to point method of determining distances to contours. Because all contours are not perfect circles (because of terrain and directional antnennas), it may be possible that even though a particular channel and power level passes a point-to-point check, there is still a chance for contour overlap. Just because a channel is listed in this tool does not necessarily mean that it is available.
  • Unlike other REC tools, this search tool does not update in real time. Therefore, subsequent application activity, which may affect the availability of a certain channel may not be reflected here. We will do our best to perform manual updates periodicaly leading up to the 2021 filing window.
  • This tool is intended to help those interested in participating in the window to determine if they should do pursue further options, such as contacting REC to move forward with investigating the viability of establishing a full-service NCE station at a particular location.
  • REC does not provide any warranty of the accuracy of the results. REC does not provide license to the user to use data from this tool in FCC filings. By using this tool, you release REC (Michelle Bradley) from any liability in connection with any activity connected to the use of this tool.
  • More authoritative information is available from contacting REC Networks or the consultant/engineer of your choice.
  • If there is a potential channel available, there will be a button on the bottom of the result that will allow you to fill out a show of interest form for REC Networks to handle your application.

STEP 1: Enter proposed tower location

This tool only fully supports the 50 United States. Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands results from this tool may require some additional clarifications from REC. Prospective applicants from other territories (Guam, American Samoa and CNMI), please contact REC directly for assistance.

Fill out only ONE of the following sections:

by address, city, ZIP code

or by coordinates


-'" WEST

Geographic Datum:

or Existing FM or registered tower

Enter FM, LPFM or FM translator call sign or enter antenna structure registration number (ASRN):

STEP 2: Enter proposed antenna height

Proposed radiation center height above ground level:
We will figure out your site elevation and height above average terrain.

STEP 3: Perform preliminary search

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information provided in this tool is for preliminary planning purposes only and is in no way authoratative. This data should NEVER be used for filing an application with the FCC. It is merely to give a rough estimate on the availability of reserved band spectrum in the event of a future NCE filing window. Unlike LPFM, there's no viable 'do-it-yourself' option for filing NCE applications. REC Networks will provide full services to assist with the filing of NCE applications and not just for LPFM stations seeking upgrades but for any organization. For more information and to establish a relationship with REC Networks to prepare for the filing window which will take place in 2021, please contact REC Networks at 1-844-732-5736. We look forward to hearing from you!