REC Operations Update: October 13, 2021

Effective October 13, 2021 and until further notice.

Due to the demand currently bring received in relation to the upcoming 2021 NCE Filing Window, we are putting some operational procedures into place to assure that all incoming work at REC is processed in a semi-orderly fashion.

Telephone support

At this time, we are not providing any live answer telephone support for anything other than 2021 NCE Filing Window applications.  While we are accepting incoming voice mail, calls will be returned on an availability basis only.  If we already have your email address, you may receive a response to your phone call via email.

If you have specific questions, please use the following methods:

  • Check the REC website, especially the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has been answered.
  • If you have access to the Facebook "LPFM" and/or "LPFM Tech Advice" groups, please ask your question there (if it is a general question and not station specific).
  • E-mail 

E-mail support

You may still ask questions through email, however, there may be a delay in the response.  We strongly suggest that before emailing, that you check the REC website, including our frequenty asked questions to see if the question has been answered there already.

NCE window requests from "well prepared" applicants

The NCE Preliminary Search Tool has been reactivated with flow to the Show of Interest Form.

At this time, and for a short period of time, we will be accepting requests from existing full-service NCE and LPFM licensees as well as new entrants on a "space available" basis.  These applicants must be "well prepared" and ready to go.  This means they must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  • They are either already an NCE (LPFM or full service) licensee or they are a new entrant that is already incorporated and we can verify it.
  • They must immediately provide information about their board members (first and last name, residential address, telephone number, email and citizenship information), as well as basic information about their organization (including name, address, telephone number and email address).
  • They must already have site assurance and will need to be able to immediately provide a name (first and last) and telephone number of a site assurance contact.
  • They must know exactly what site they want to go to and the radiation center height (levels) that they plan to use.
  • They must make an educational statement that is acceptable under the FCC's expectation, meaning describing the educational objectives of the organization and how the radio station will advance the organization's eductional program and if possible include proposed program lists of educational programming. Acceptable statements must indicate how the station will instruct or teach over the air (in studio training to work in radio is NOT acceptable to the FCC).
  • They must be ready to make the fully quoted payment within 48 hours of us sending the invoice by credit/debit card. No checks/e-checks.

Due to the extremely limited time between now and the window:

  • We will not look at multiple sites. You must know the site and height.
  • Any request for a Channel 6 impacted station will only be accepted if we can show no contour overlap between the 47 dBu TV station contour and the appropriate interfering contour. We will not be able to do population counts inside of the interfering contour.
  • No First Aural Transmission Service ('white area') requests as they take very long to process. (This is different than 'first educational service' claims, which we will still accept.)
  • We reserve the right to reject any request and to discontinue accepting Shows of Interest at any time.
  • No requests involving the National Radio Quiet Zone.
  • Sites near the Canadian and Mexican borders must meet distance separation requirements. We do not have enough time to do short spaced interference showings.
  • Nondirectional antennas only. We do not have time to do directional antenna design this late in the game.
  • No requests for Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa or CNMI.

This current opportunity will close when slots are full but no later than close of business on Monday, October 18.  

Process for handling Show of Interest forms for the NCE Window

Our process for handling NCE Window requests happens in 5 different stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial show of interest and preliminary review.
  • Stage 2: Second facility review, evaluation and rate quote. 
  • Stage 3: After payment (or partial payment), finalizing the proposed technical facility.
  • Stage 4: Working on the administrative aspect of the organization.
  • Stage 5: Preparation of forms and documents for filing.

Work on non-window related applications,if any, will take place between stages.  Please be patient.  If you have a time critical application (such as an expiring construction permit or one year silent period), please let us know.

After all Stage 3 through 5 applications that have paid in full have been double checked for recent applications, we will go ahead and start entering the application information into the FCC's LMS filing system.  At that point, these applicants will have a view into the applications.  We will send a draft copy of the application and exhibit(s) to the applicant so they can review and provide any corrections that need to be made.  At this time, applicants should reply that they certify that the information is correct and that the answers to the certification questions on the application are accurate.  If we receive no acknowledgement by end of day November 2, we will assume that all information on the application is correct.

Those who made at least a $500 advance payment must pay the balance by end of day on November 2.  Any balances not paid in full by November 2 will be cancelled and a copy of the exhibit will be provided to them in the event they wish to apply themselves and there will be no refund of the advance payment.  No further support (MX application handling, license to cover, etc.) will be provided in those cases.   Once a balance is paid in full, we will go ahead and enter the application into the system pursuant to the previous paragraph.

For applicants paid in full, we plan to file the "staged" original construction permit applications on or after November 4.  An email will be sent which includes the file number.

Late renewal applications for OR, WA, AK, HI, GU, AS

LPFM licensees in these states and territories that have not yet filed their renewal applications and wish REC to handle them should send an email to.  Please make sure the word "renewal" is on the subject line. 

Please do not make phone calls for renewal requests.

New England area (CT, RI, MA, NH, VT, ME) broadcast renewals

REC will start working on New England area broadcast renewals at the conclusion of the NCE Window.  Applications for these states are due on December 1.  LPFM applicants can use REC EZform to make your request.  Invoices will be sent out at the conclusion of the window (November 9).

LPFM License to Cover and Modify License applications

LPFM stations needing to file a license to cover application or a modification of license application (formerly known as Form 319), these requests can be made through the REC EZforms.  Those who used REC for the previous LPFM modification application (which this being covered here) can disregard the price quotes on the EZform.

Requests for new work (modifications, assignments, administrative updates, etc.)

We are accepting requests for new work (except new NCE construction permit requests) subject to a future embargo.  Please initiate your request by email at .  Please note that there is about a 48 to 72 hour turnaround on emails right now.

Applications previously handled by REC 

If you need assistance with an application that was already filed by REC (such as needing a license to cover application, consummation notice, etc.), please e-mail REC.  If possible, please use the 4-digit ticket number.  This is the same number that appears in correspondence from REC ("[REC # XXXXX]").    

Social Media

We are continiuing to monitor the LPFM and LPFM Tech Advice groups on Facebook.  General questions not of a station specific manner can be directed there.

We continue to suggest that everyone please follow the REC Networks page on Facebook.  This is the best way to get information updates.

Please pardon the inconveniences of these temporary processes as we get through the wave of NCE requests.  Hopefully after we get through this wave, things will settle down and we can return to more normal operations. 

Thank you for supporting REC!