Apr 2021-known issues with FCCdata

With the previous code changes to implement eLMS, we are aware of the following ongoing issues with FCCdata.

  • Advanced coverage maps not showing directional antenna data.  This issue was fixed on 3/27/21.
  • Superceded CDBS applications not showing in engineering data.  (Superceded application versions are not likely to have a LMS application ID.  This may have prevented these applications from properly showing in the eLMS presentation.  We need to develop a method for bringing those superceded application versions into eLMS, even if there is no previous LMS record.)  This issue was fixed 4/3/2021.
  • CDBS correspondence file link not showing on CDBS originated facility IDs (facility ID <299999). This issue was fixed on 4/3/2021.
  • Correspondence file link not showing on some applications originally filed in CDBS (application ID <1999999).  This may not be a bug but instead may be amendments to applications that were started in CDBS, but then amended in LMS after the FM service converted on September 25, 2019.  These applications can be identified with an REC Application ID above 5,000,000.  4/4/2021: We are going to close this bug unless examples are determined that demonstrate that "<5,000,000" application IDs are not generating the Correspondence link.
  • Some eLMS generated contour maps not reflecting correct ERP and/or directional pattern. (We need a way to have a user request a "fix" or "repair" of a record to get the right information).
  • Some station records are not showing associated translators or boosters if either the application was filed in LMS or if the facility ID was originated in LMS (>700000). This issue was fixed on 4/4/2021.
  • Status changes in CDBS and LMS where the status date is not the current date are not flowing into eLMS.
  • Application records remain as "active" even though they were overridden with subsequent application activity (this may be both an REC and FCC issue).  The first phase of fixing this issue on the REC side was done on 4/4/2021.  This is still an open issue.
  • Need to verify that call sign changes made since LMS, especially on LMS era facilities (>700000) are showing in the call sign history.  This issue was fixed 4/4/2021.
  • CDBS "non-form" applications such as resumption of operations and CDBS-era consummation notices are not displaying. This issue was fixed 4/3/2021.
  • Antenna make and model are not displaying on some LMS license records. This issue was fixed 4/4/2021 for all new authorizations going forward.  We will need to run a project to re-parse older authorizations to get the linkage needed to display this information. 
  • Some assignment applications are appearing "backwards" (assignor showing as assignee). This issue was fixed 4/4/2021.
Monday, March 29, 2021
Systems affected: 
FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Issue type: 
REC systems issue