LPFM stations can now have their logos and station information displayed in some connected cars at no charge.

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REC Networks has released Version 3.1 of myLPFM (https://mylpfm.com).  With this new version comes functionality that permits any licensed LPFM station to enhance their presence in certain vehicle models (with more on the way) using RadioDNS.   RadioDNS is an open source service originally established by the European Broadcasting Union but is available world wide.  

RadioDNS permits any licensed radio station the opportunity to be "discovered" by compatible receivers through the display of station information metadata including the station name, slogan, links to the station's websites, social media, phone numbers and text messaging as well as the station's logo.  

Currently, Audi models sold in the United States are already equipped with RadioDNS and just recently, Volkswagen has announced that they will be providing RadioDNS compatible receivers in their models.  Other carmakers who are considering a US release of RadioDNS include Porsche and BMW.   While that may not be that many, at least it is additional promotion and with the fact that there are no licensing or royalty fee requirements for either stations or manufacturers to integrate RadioDNS in their carplay systems, the possibilities are limitless. 

Most major players in the radio business are already delivering their logos and meta data.  This includes iHeart, Cumulus, Entercom/Audacy, Radio One/Urban One, Hubbard, Bonneville and Educational Media Foundation.  Now, you can make your station stand along side of them on the dashboard at no charge or obligation. 

REC Networks will make available to all licensed LPFM stations at no charge, the ability to host their RadioDNS meta data and logos in these and future vehicles and other compatible receivers.   For REC client stations with a historical spend of $350 on FCC filing services will also recieve the ability to include their streams to support Service Following.  Service Following allows the compatible receiver to revert the listener to the station's internet stream when the listener leaves the FM coverage area.  

In order to use RadioDNS, the LPFM station must be encoding Radio Data Service (RDS).  Most certified LPFM transmitters already have RDS built in and as long as it is properly configured, your station can be "discovered" upon completing the free RadioDNS registration process.  Stations will need to also produce logo graphic files in JPEG or PNG formats in 5 different image sizes. 

All LPFM stations should join myLPFM.  There is no charge to be a part of myLPFM.  myLPFM includes many features for station management as well as the channel searching functions that have been the mainstay of REC services for the past 20+ years.  While some enhanced features are limited to REC clients, most of the myLPFM features are available free of charge to any licensed LPFM station.  

Please visit myLPFM and sign up your station.  

For more information about RadioDNS, visit https://recnet.com/radiodns

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About REC Networks:  REC Networks, operated by Michelle Bradley, CBT is a regulatory advocacy with a focus on a citizen's access to the airwaves through broadcast and nonbroadcast FCC regulated radio services with a heavy emphasis on the Low Power FM (LPFM) radio service as well as small noncommercial educational (NCE) broadcast stations.  REC also operates an extensive database of current and archived broadcast information data from the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Japan, the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.  REC does provide professional FCC filing services to noncommercial and commercial FM clients.  REC also operates J1 Radio, four internet channels including one that is available over terrestrial radio that introduces listeners to Japanese popular culture and provides a "more music" alternative to the local radio stations in Japan through localized content geared towards the Tokyo metropolis.  REC Networks. Providing entertainment, information, education and support since 1984. 

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