REC announces the start of a major system transition plan: "System40"

REC Networks has been known for running our assets "into the ground".  This includes our past phone system hardware, the software and hardware that we use and even the cars we drive.

With many of the components of the REC database infrastucture reaching or already past their end of life with some portions serving the universe for up to 20 years, it is time to do a major systems overhaul.  

In 2024, we will launch the "System40" initative.  System40 is named to coincide with the 40th anniversary of REC Networks.  

The key elements of System40 include:

  • An updated operating system.
  • A move from a shared server to a dedicated server.
  • Increased memory and storage. 
  • An update to the content management software.
  • A change of service provider to address certain access issues (such as the ability for ViaSat customers to access REC services). 

This will be a very slow transition that will take place throughout 2024 and will be a major undertaking.  

As a result, there may be times when some services may be unavailable and as a result of the transition, the "look and feel" of applications may change. 

This change allows us to be able to operate our tools more efficiently and more securely and it gives us some headroom in order to expand our offerings and improve on our existing ones.

Major announcements regarding System40 will be made on the REC website and on our Facebook page.  Operational change details will be documented in our ChangeLog

At this time, we do not have a specific timetable for releases.   Activities related to System40 will start following the LPFM Filing Window.

More information about the System40 project will be posted on the REC System40 Transition Page.