References and Resources

A treasure trove of broadcast information available through REC! (Resources in highlighted boxes are mobile friendly.)


    Interference from Translators
    A comprehensive guide to handling interference as a result of new and proposed FM translators.
    Directory of LPFM stations including data such as websites, streams and 6segment data.

    REC Knowledge Base (FAQ)
    A growing database of questions and answers have been received by REC as well as those that have been asked and answered on social media.

    LPFM Grant List
    Shows a listing of all LPFM original construction permit grants from the 2013 filing window in order.

    LPFM Dismissal List
    Shows a listing of all LPFM original construction permit dismissals from the 2013 filing window in order.

    Pending Application List
    Shows all currently pending applications involving FM broadcast stations.

    6 Segments of LPFM
    LPFM is a very diverse service and stations are in one of 6 different segments.

    Local Community Radio Act
    Text of the Local Community Radio Act of 2010 signed by President Obama in 2011. Also see: Rules that can't be changed because of the LCRA.

    MITRE Report
    A report ordered by Congress to study the impact of LPFM stations on third adjacent channels to incumbent broadcast stations.

    LPFM Pledge List
    2013 LPFM stations that obtained their license through elimination of another station based on points. These stations have local programming and studio obligations.

    Filing Window Archives
    Historical documents produced by REC and others related to the 2000/2001 and 2013 LPFM filing windows.

All Services

    Spare Call Sign List
    Updated daily!  Shows the availability of potential call signs based on call letters not assigned in the FCC's broadcast database.  Includes call signs that may be assigned to the maritime services. 

    FCC Filing Fees
    FCC filing fees for commercial broadcast facilities. Non-commercial educational stations (including LPFM) does not pay fees.

    FCC License Renewal Deadlines
    The next renewal cycle for FM, LPFM, translators and AM is from 2019~2022. See when your state needs to be ready to file.

    Class D FM in Alaska
    You can still apply for a new 99-watt FM broadcast station... in Alaska.

    Publications from the International Telecommunications Union, NGOs and other telecommunication administrations.

History and legal reference

    Search the FCC Record
    Search by keyword or citation the FCC Reports, FCC Second Series and FCC Record. Covers 1934 until recent.

    Radio History Project Station List
    Shows all of the stations for which REC has entered FCC History Card data (1920s~1970s) which are reflected in the listings at

    Radio in Japan
    The broadcast spectrum in Japan and the availability of radios that tune 76~108 MHz which can be used in the USA if we extend the band.

    Do I Need A License?
    Information on Part 15 broadcasting in the USA and similar regulations around the world.

    REC's growing database of pirate radio enforcement activity. Ineligible to be parties to LPFM stations.