REC Networks DataStore API

REC Networks is currently in the process of building a set of public Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  These APIs are designed to interface with self-designed software or for use on websites.  The data is returned in the industry standard machine-readable JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) protocol and is not intended for direct reading.  

Most of these APIs will be considered as "closed" thus meaning that they will only be accessible with advance authorization from REC Networks using an API "key" to authenticate yourself as an authorized user of the resource.   REC is currently working on a subscription structure that will make these APIs available for a subscription price.

To encourage software and website development prior to agreeing to a subscription, REC is making many of the APIs available fully-functional for locations in North Dakota.  This development zone will allow you to interact with many different situations that may arise.  With a subscription, developers will have access to the entire FCC jurisdiction.  

These APIs are based on the functions used to support the various REC websites and some may already be called by these API services.  Therefore, you can have the power of the REC services on your own website or application.  

Again, details on subscription plans as well as other terms and conditions will follow later this year.    

For now, let's open the North Dakota Technology Zone!

Try out our APIs on SwaggerHub

APIs available at REC Networks

Broadcast APIs
chanRpt Channel reports used to demonstrate compliance with §§ 73.207, 73.215, 73.807 and 73.825.  For LPFM and full-service non-reserved band FM. Subscription + free demo
lpfmChk LPFM Channel Search Subscription + free demo
lpfmWide Checks for LPFM availability over a wide area of approximately 20 km from the target site. Subscription + free demo
recID Converts between REC and LMS application identifiers. Free - open API
Tower APIs
towair Checks a tower structure to see if FAA registration is required pursuant to FCC Part 17 Subscription + free demo
towerfind Searches for registered tower structures within a specified radius. Subscription + free demo
towerinfo Information about a specific registered tower. Subscription only.

More APIs are being added...  check here regularly!!