Open Data at REC

For the past 20 years, REC has been supporting LPFM, other broadcast services and the broadcast hobbyist community through an extensive use of open data from the FCC and other sources.  Over the years, REC has also developed our own datasets to support various efforts.  As of September 7, 2020, REC is currently in the process of reviewing each data set within our data store and will classify them into one of three categories:

  • Open data: Data that does not contain any proprietary value to REC Networks or previously proprietary but not considered obsolete with the passage of time but does continue to retain a historical value.  Open data can include "demonstration" versions of Closed data sets available under subscription.
  • Closed data:  Data that carries an asset value to the current operations of REC Networks and therefore not available to the general public.  Data may be made available to peer organizations for their own internal use or available through subscription either with or without a nondisclosure agreement.
  • Private data:  Data that carries a high asset value to REC Networks that may include trade secrets and other confidential information.  Most data sets in the REC data store are considered private.

SEE ALSO: OPEN Government Data Act: Assessment by REC of Open Data at the FCC.

As open data sets become available, they will be posted below: