eLMS: Enhanced LMS

REC Networks is working to address the shortcomings of the raw data that is now delivered by the FCC with the replacement of the old CDBS application filing system with the new LMS system that went into service for most FM broadcast applications on September 25, 2019.  

Currently, the FCC ships out on a daily basis, a raw data file of each broadcast related application in LMS.  Some of the information in the raw data is of bad quality (with errors) and many critical data elements are still missing.

Once completed, eLMS will review each new broadcast application as it is filed and convert that into a data source that we can use throughout our system universe.  

How does eLMS work?

eLMS builds upon REC's existing functionality that frequently monitors the public access portal of the FCC's License Management System (LMS).  This is the functionality that drives our FCC.today website.   

When either an application or amendment is filed, applications that qualify for eLMS handling are then referred to the eLMS system.  eLMS will then retrieve the application and read the data that was entered and writes it to a database.  For applications involving engineering, eLMS will also call to the FCC's mapping interface systems (API) in order to get the facility's service contours.  During the business day, this process normally takes about 20 minutes from the filing until when it appears in our systems.  

When an application is granted, a similar process is done to read the application and then eLMS will retreive the application's authorization document and read the data off of that and update the database accordingly. 

eLMS also interfaces with the raw data that is provided by the FCC through their CDBS, LMS and IBFS (for shortwave broadcast stations) to maintain a master application list for each service. 

Various REC projects such as the Radio History Project and the BAPS Restoral Project are also included in some of the eLMS data.

What does REC do with eLMS?

For qualfiied services eLMS drives the popular FCCdata.org website.  Because of our "near real-time" updating ability, applications filed at the FCC could appear in FCCdata within about 20 minutes of being filed at the FCC.

eLMS also provides a much more robust data product for REC which assists in research and statistics as well as for our engineering functions.  It fills in many of the holes that were created when the FCC converted radio from CDBS to LMS.  

Which broadcast services and application types are supported by eLMS?

  Full-Service FM, LPFM, FM Translators, FM Boosters AM Stations TV Stations, Class A TV, Low Power TV International Broadcast Stations
Listings of applications filed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Details Yes No No No
Assignments/Transfers Yes Yes Yes No
EEO Reports Yes Yes Yes N/A
Ownership Reports Yes Yes Yes N/A
Administrative Updates Yes Yes Yes No
Renewals Yes Yes Yes No

eLMS Data Tables

Here's a list of the tables in eLMS.  Files are normally linked through the hexidecimal LMS application identifier.

Using table application or the applist_* tables are your best starting point.

alien_ownership Tracks the data entered on the application regarding alien ownership.
altc_applicant Applicant data from applications for assignments and tranfers.
altc_consummation Consummation notice data.  Filed when the transaction (such as a station sale) from a previously granted assignment application has been completed.
altc_details Answers to the various questions asked on an assignment or transfer application.
altc_facility Listings of the facilities invlolved in an assignment or transfer of control.
antenna Field values of directional FM antennas.
application Header details for applications managed in eLMS.
applist_am Master application list for AM radio.  (Engineering data is in CDBS)
applist_dtv Master application list for TV applications related to the 2009 digital television conversion.
applist_fm Master application list for FM radio. (Engineering data is in eLMS)
applist_hf Master application list for international broadcast stations. (Engineering data is in IBFS)
applist_kidvid Master application list of Children's Televisions Reports  (eLMS does not store specifc program information included in the submissions, nor is it kept in the REC data store.)
applist_repack Master application list of TV applications related to the repack.
applist_tv Master application list of TV, except for the DTV conversion, children's television reports and the repack.
attachments Links to the attached documents included in LMS applications including FCC decision letters.
conditions Special conditions that appear on authorization documents for permits and licenses.
contact_info Contact information including legal and engineering contacts.
eeo Answers to questions on the EEO Report.
eeo_common Facilities included in an EEO Report.
facility Listing of facilities by Facility ID
fmeng Engineering details for FM facilities.
fm_contour Geographic coordinates to plot service contours.
fm_ind Answers to various FM specific questions on FM applications.
legal Answers to the legal questions on FM applications.
nce_contour Geographic coordinates to plot interfering contours of new NCE stations from 2021 filing window.
owr Header data for ownership reports.
owr_attrib Attributable interests on ownership reports.
owr_docs Agreements and contracts on ownership reports.
owr_facility Facilities included in the ownership report.
owr_facility_group Ownership groups and related FRN from the ownership report.
owr_family Ownership report familial relationships.
owr_newspaper Ownership report newspaper cross-ownership
owr_org_chart Ownership report links to organizational charts.
owr_owner Information about specific persons or corporations that are a party to that station/group.
party Parties to an application.
point_system Noncommercial educational and LPFM point system points claimed on application.
pop_area Population within service contour based on FCC Contours API.
renewal License renewal details.