eLMS: facility

Listing of all facility IDs.  This list is automatically updated when a new Facility ID is created through a construction permit application.  It is then refreshed once per day based on updates from the LMS raw data from the FCC.  This list does not include the psuedo facility IDs generated by LMS for ownership reports. Includes the psuedo facility IDs used by eLMS for international broadcast stations.

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FCC facility identifier.



Status of Facility listing (C=current, A=archived)



Type of facility.  (F=FM, A=AM, T=TV, H=High Frequency-shortwave)

service_code varchar(6)

Service code

fac_callsign varchar(16)

Station call sign

licensed_channel int

Station channel

virtual_channel int

Virtual channel number for television stations.

frequency float


frn varchar(10)

FCC Registration Number

lic_name varchar(80)

Licensee name

lic_street1 varchar(80)

Licensee address - line 1

lic_street2 varchar(80)

Licensee address - line 2

lic_street3 varchar(80)

Licensee address - line 3

lic_city varchar(80)

Licensee mailing address city.

lic_state varchar(2)

Licensee mailing address state.

lic_zip varchar(10)

Licensee mailing address ZIP code.

lic_tn varchar(10)

Licensee telephone number.

lic_email varchar(80)

Licensee mailing address.

comm_city varchar(80)

Community of license city.

comm_state varchar(2)

Community of license state.

fac_country varchar(2)

Facility country (US, CA, MX, etc.)

fac_status varchar(6)

Status of facility.

fac_status_date date

Status date.

network varchar(80)

Television network(s).

neilsen_dma varchar(80)

Television  market.

channel_sharing varchar(1)

Indicator that the TV station is channel sharing.

atsc3_ind varchar(1)

Indicator that the TV station is operating in ATSC 3 NextGen.

satellite_tv_ind varchar(1)

Indicator that the TV station is a satellite of another TV station.

primary_station varchar(10)

Call sign of primary station.

digital_status varchar(1)

Radio digital status. (H = Hybrid digital)

station_type varchar(1)

Currently not used.

assoc_facility_id int

Facility ID of primary station.

ref_application_id int

Currently not used.