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This API provides the data necessary to make a channel report that is used to demonstrate minimum distance separation requirements for FM facilities pursuant to §§ 73.207, 73.215, 73.807 and 73.825 of the FCC Rules.  

This API is considered closed data and is only available to those with a specific client relationship with REC to access the APIs. 

For demonstration purposes and to encourage development, queries in the state of North Dakota can be ran without subscription and API key.





key hex(32) Required except for demo in North Dakota.

API key provided by REC Networks.

lat decimal required

Latitude of the target site.  This is NAD83 datum in decimal form.  South latitude (American Samoa) is a negative number.

lon decimal required

Longitude of the target site. This is NAD83 datum in decimal form. West longitude (all areas except Guam & CNMI) is a negative number.

chan int required

Channel number to check at target site.  (numeric between 200~300).

cls varchar(8) required

Service class to check.  Valid service classes are as follows:

73.207/73.807 73.207/73.807
Puerto Rico/VI
73.215 73.215
Puerto Rico/VI
LP100 LP100PR    
LP250 LP250PR    
LP10 LP10PR    
A APR A_215 APR_215
B BPR B_215 BPR_215
B1 B1PR B1_215 B1PR_215
C   C_215  
C0   C0_215  
C1   C1_215  
C2   C2_215  
C3   C3_215  
C4   C4_215  

LP250 is the REC "Simple250" Petition for Rulemaking RM-11909.  LP10 is the now-discontinued LPFM service class.  C4 is the proposed C4 class of service.

notch int optional

A FCC facility ID that will not be considered in the search.  Only one facility can be notched.

adjLimit int optional

When used, the channel report result limits the display to certain adjacent channels:

4 Only co-channel
1 Co-channel and first-adjacent channels
2 Co-channel, first and second-adjacent channels
3 Co-channel, first, second and third-adjacent channels

When adj_limit is used, no intermediate frequency results will be returned.  If used on Channels 200~220, no TV Channel 6 results will be included.

short char(1) optional

If Y, the API will only return information on short-spaced faciltiies.  Those that meet distance separation requirements will not be returned.

fullOnly char(1) optional

If Y, for radio facilities, the API will only return full-service broadcast stations (including allotments).  LPFM, FM translators and FM boosters will be excluded.


HTTP Code 200


latitude decimal

Decimal latitude in NAB83 datum of inquiry.

longitude decimal

Decimal longitude in NAD83 datum of inquiry.

channel int

FM channel number of inquiry.

siteClass varchar(8)

Station class of inquiry. 

NOTE: Searches for LP100/LP100PR will return the REC internal service class (LI/LIPR) (letter I, not 1), LP250/LP250PR will return L3/L3PR and LP50/LP50PR will return L2/L2PR.

notch int

Facility ID of notched facility.  null if no notch was specified in the API call.

report schema

See report/facility below.

facilitiesFound int

The number of facilties returned in this query. 


Within report, the API will return a facility section for each facility.  This will be provided in an array.  The array key of 0 is not used. 

shortSpaced char(1)

Y if the facility does not meet §§73.207, 73.215, 73.807 or 73.825 minimum distance separation requirements.  Note: when used with channels 200~220 and a full-service class, it will show all stations, including full-service as meeting minimum spacing for purposes of §73.525.  This is something we may add in the future but for now, please note the API does not currently support §73.525 minimums to be an "affected station".
N if the facility meets §§73.207, 73.215, 73.807 and 73.825 minimum distance separation requirements.

incomingIntf char(1)

When used with an LPFM service class:
Y if the facility does not meet the §73.807 recommended distance separations for no interference on co-channel and first-adjacent channel.  For second-adjacent channel, it will display Y if shortSpaced is also Y.
N if the facility does meet the §73.807 recommended distance separaitons for no interference on a co-channel or first-adjacent channel.  For other channels, it will display N if shortSpaced is also N.

When used with a non-LPFM service class, it will always display N

For TV Channel 6 facilities, it will always return null.

medium varchar(5)

The medium of communication.  This will return either radio or TV

facilityType varchar(13)

The type of facility.  This will return one of the following:

  • DTV
  • LPTV
  • Full-Service
  • Class D
  • LPFM
  • FM Translator
  • FM Booster
  • Allotment
  • Rulemaking
channel/ID int()

For FM facilities, the channel number beween 200~300.
For TV facilities, this will always return 6.

channel/frequency decimal()

For FM faciltiies, the frequency in megahertz (87.9~107.9).
For TV facilities, this will always return 82.

channel/adjacency varchar(14)

For FM faciltiies, this will return the adjacency relationship of the channel:

  • CoChannel
  • FirstAdjacent
  • SecondAdjacent
  • ThirdAdjacent
  • Intermediate  (intermediate frequency, +/- 10.6 or 10.8 MHz, +/- 53 or 54 channels)

For TV facilities, this will always return ChannelSix.

class varchar(2)

For radio stations, this will return the station class.  LP100 stations will show with class L1.   FM Translators and FM Booster stations will return null.

For TV stations, this will return:

TV Full-service digital television stations.

Low Power TV stations
Class A TV stations
Digital TV Translator stations

callsign varchar(16)

Broadcast station call sign.

location/community varchar(80)

Community name on the license.

location/state varchar(2)

Two-character postal code of the state of the facility.

location/country varchar(2)

Country code:

US United States of America
CA Canada
MX Mexico
location/latitude decimal

NAD83 decimal geographic coordinates of the latitude of the facility location.  South latitude (American Samoa) is a negative number.

location/longitude decimal

NAD83 decimal geographic coordinates of the longitude of the facility location. West longitude (all areas except Guam & CNMI) is a negative number.

facilityStatus varchar(5)

Status of the facility:

LICEN Licensed and on the air.
LICSL Licensed but silent
CPOFF Original construction permit granted, still under construction.
CPAPP Pending original construction permit application.
LICAN Licensed cancelled.
PRCAN Original construction permit cancelled.
distance/toFacility decimal

Distance from the target site to the facility in kilometers (rounded to tenths).

distance/required int

Minimum distance separation required in kilometers.

distance/noInterference int

For targets specifying a LPFM class of service, the minimum distance separation in kilometers needed for interference free service, pusuant to the guidelines in §73.807.  (For second and third-adjacent channels and Channel 6 TV facilities, this value would be the same as the required distance).

distance/margin decimal

Actual distance minus the required distance in kilometers.  If this value is -0.5 or less, the facility is short-spaced.

bearing decimal

The bearing/heading in degrees from the target to the facility (0.0 through 359.9 degrees).

applicationId hex(32)

The application ID from the FCC's Licensing Management System.

party varchar(80)

Name of the licensee or applicant from the eLMS facility records.

readingService char(1)

indicates that this facility was identified in the past as carrying a radio reading service for the blind.  LPFM applicants may be required to provide protection on third-adjacent channels, pursuant to §73.807(a)(2).

superPower array This item appears alone with a value of null in the case of FM facilities in the non-reserved band (Channels 221~300, 92.1~107.9 MHz) or Channel 6 TV stations.
superPower/isSuper char(1)

Y indicates that this facility, which is in the reserved band (Channels 201~220, 88.1~91.9 MHz) is operating a service contour in excess of its service class on a grandfathered basis.  This item does not appear on FM facilities in the non-reserved band (Channels 221~300, 92.1~107.9 MHz) or Channel 6 TV stations.

superPower/protectedAt varchar(2)

If the value of superPower/isSuper is Y, this value is the service class that an LPFM station would have to protect this facility.  For LPFM classes of service as the target, the value of distance/required and distance/noInterference will reflect the distances at this service class.

facComments varchar(1000)

Facility comments from CDBS.  These normally only appear on FM records and mainly for facilities located near an international border as they give information about the international coordination.  LMS does not have a similar function.  If there are no comments, this section will appear as an empty string ("").

appPurpose varchar(4)

Application Purpose Code from eLMS.

appStatus varchar(3)

Application Status Code from eLMS.

appStatusDate date

Application status date from eLMS.

facilityID int

FCC Facility Identifier.

recID int

REC Application Identifier.

lpfm3rdAdjShort char(1)

For LPFM targets, Y indicates that the facility does not meet the minimum distance separation for third-adjacent channel stations and therefore may require special handling pursuant to §73.810 of the FCC Rules.

Rate Limiting

The general rate limit for unauthenticated accesses across all REC APIs is 20 calls per minute (one call every 3 seconds).  Calls to other REC non-API services subject to rate limiting also contribute to this count.  These other services may have lower rate limits.  For authenticated users, the rate limit will be based on negotiations with REC Networks for API access.