[Translator Reform] Windows: Can an educational organization or institution LPFM station file more than 2 applications in a translator filing window even though it would only plan to keep two translators to stay within the ownership limit?

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NOTE: This answer relates to a rule proposed by REC and does not reflect current regulations in effect:

The current rules state that LPFM stations may not hold attributable interest in more than 2 FM translator stations. It makes no mention of applications. The current rules, nor does this petition address this issue specifically. This will be a call for the Media Bureau to make. If they wish to keep the rules consistent with the LPFM window rules, then the LPFM would be limited to only two applications. REC would support the ability for LPFM stations to file more than two translator applications in the window, however only two should be allowed to be granted. The latter concept may be dismissed by the Media Bureau staff due to a potential administrative burden. Again, we will leave this to staff to decide.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022