FCC filings on Ham Radio and EAS

RM-10619 is a petition from the wireless cable industry to allow for "force tune" technology that will automatically change the set top box to a single channel on the wireless cable system in the event of an EAS activation. Current rules require EAS equipment on every channel of a cable system. Even though this type of arrangement is suitable for an analog cable system, it is more suitable for a system that requires the use of a set top box to receive the service to be able to use alternate technology, such as "force tune". REC endorses rulemaking on this subject and asks the FCC to expand it to also include other set top box based technologies. RM-10620 is a wide proposal asking for various rules changes including restoral of historic Novice class frequency privleges, automatic upgrades based on age, merit and absence of violations as well as automatic upgrades for Advanced class amateurs. REC is against all aspects of this proposal except for the automatic upgrades for Advanced Class amateurs.