A Comparative Review of Digital Audio Broadcasting

A look at 5 different DAB systems as well as our opinion on the future of DAB.

REC has released a comparative review of Digital Audio Broadcasting. In this report, we give basic information about iBiquity's HD Radio, Eureka 147, ISDB-T, Digital Radio Mondiale and a system proposed by the consumer electronics industry called MMBS.

In the report, REC endorses the use of DRM as a standard for digital AM broadcasting in the United States.

On the FM band, REC feels that a need for digital sound quality beyond that of FM quality has not been proven. REC feels that the benefits of DAB FM for multicasting should be considered as a reason for an LPFM applicant to consider some form of digital broadcasting. REC does not feel that any specific broadcast system properly meets the needs of all broadcasters.

In the report, REC encourages the use of software designed radio technology such as Motorola's Symphony Digital Radio chipset as an alternative to digital radio for improved sound quality.

However, REC does advise the LPFM community to continue to fight IBOC however should embrace the iBiquity HD Radio system for FM as a "fallback" if FM converts to an all digital system. Remember, when they stop making analog receivers, your listeners will be out in the cold.

Our report can be viewed at www.recnet.com/dab.