FCC Cancels Experimental Grant to Antelope Valley alleged pirate

The experimental permit of WC2XZV cancelled for operating outside the terms of their license.

In a letter today, the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology has cancelled the experimental license WC2XZV due to emmissions not being in compliance with the terms of their experimental license.

Frequency Radio received an experimental grant from the FCC to operate up to 100 watts on several frequencies below 88 MHz as well as on 104.7 MHz stating that the grant was to test digital audio broadcasting (DAB) and it's impact on second and third adjacent channels.

However, the FCC only granted Frequency Radio authorization to transmit 20 kHz and to coordinate their operations with the Soceity of Broadcast Engineers. The station was operating at least at the normal 200 kHz bandwidth that an FM station operates at.

Prior to the grant of the experimental license, there were published reports that a pirate station operating in the Antelope Valley using the moniker Frequency Radio and operating on 104.7 with the website www.1047.fm. Through research, it was determined that the experimental license was directly connected to the pirate operation on 104.7.

The station gained popularity, it was picked up by the local Adelphia Cable system that serves the Antelope Valley.

As of 3:30PM PST, Frequency Radio was still on the air.

(Information from OET Filing System and off-air monitoring.)