With assignment and transfer application types now moving from CDBS to LMS, we will start the process to change facility header and party (names and address of licensee) data from CDBS to LMS raw data.  Throughout the holiday weekend, the changes may impact the availability of the following pages at times:

  • REC EZforms
  • - the official national LPFM station directory
  • LPFM Voluntary Public Inspection File
  • LPFM renewal announcement tool
  • Pending application list is not impacted as it only uses party data for pleadings.  The FCC has had ongoing issues with delivering the party.dat file in the daily CDBS raw data feed. Even if we switch party data on other systems from CDBS to LMS, the names on pleadings will continue to not properly display as long as the FCC continues to fail to send the party.dat file in the daily feed. is also not impacted as it does not derive its information directly from CDBS raw data.

Also planned:

FCCdata will display additional information on LPFM stations including station slogan and format with links to a website and/or streams using the data from 

Remaining systemwide references to will be removed.

eLMS support for consummation notices.

The planned maintenance will commence after 5PM on Friday 1/15/21 and through end of day on 1/18/21.  The FCC is closed on 1/18/21 for Martin Luther King Jr. day. 

------- 01/18/2021  16:00 ET

Work completed.  See separate changelog for change details.


Thursday, January 14, 2021
Systems affected:
Voluntary Public File System
REC Website Content
Issue type: 
Scheduled maintenance
FCC issue