FCCdata: LMS application status history

Currently, for CDBS applications, REC creates a transaction log any time an application changes status through our realtime status update system (CDBSBOT) and on the morning updates.  These appear in the Application History (lower-left) section of a US facility record when indicated by a red arrow .

Unlike CDBS, the daily LMS raw data feed does include application status history, which gives the status and the time for each event.  We are now including this information in FCCdata in a manner similar to CDBS.  To see this history, click on the icon next to an LMS file number in the Application History.  The LMS history data is not in real time so it will be updated on a daily basis with the LMS morning update. 

Newly filed applications in LMS that are picked up by REC's realtime tracking systems (eLMS/LMSBOT) will not indicate the  icon until the next day after the LMS raw data updates.  Likewise, on previously filed applications, any status changes received through eLMS/LMSBOT will not reflect in this function until the next day when we receive the LMS raw data update. 

"Accepted for Filing" status is not done in LMS raw data and therefore it will not be reflected.  As we get closer to the filing windows, we will refine this LMS functionality to indicate on what dates applications were accepted for filing.


Friday, May 7, 2021
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