NCE Window Preparation / FCCdata release


Adding eLMS support for the 2021 NCE Filing Window.  

Built new parser for new FCC New NCE FM CP application form display layout.

Added new database fields to legal and point_system eLMS tables.  Updated schema.

Added new application types "CPE" (New NCE FM CP) and "CPEA" (New NCE FM CP Amendment).  These new application types will drive the retrieval of the New NCE application form (as opposed to the regular FM CP) in LMS. Changed display of community names from LMS from mixed-case to all upper-case to improve readability of the small characters.


Released new version of FCCdata:

  • Changed the format of the text on the application indicators on the "More Application Details" section to better show longer text on those fields that require it.
  • Added application indicators to support the 8/21 eLMS update to support the 2021 NCE filing window.
  • Application Details will now display any attachments to the application.  Those that were placed there by the FCC staff (such as decision letters) will be preceded by "(internal)".
  • Fixed some data issues related to the parties to the application. 
  • In the Application History, applications with pleadings (such as informal objections, petitions to deny, petitions for reconsideration, etc. plus responsive pleadings) will now be indicated by an orange triangle icon to the left of the application type.  Clicking that icon will take you to a list of pleadings hosted at  This function currently only works with pleadings filed in LMS.  CDBS pleadings may be added later.

eLMS: Fixed an issue parsing parties to the application on original FM construction permits (Auction 109).


Saturday, August 21, 2021
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