REC releases the third generation of myLPFM station management tool

For over the past 10 years, myLPFM has assisted LPFM stations in checking availability for moves and in the early days, it also assisted those seeking new LPFM stations to find their perfect place on the dial.  

REC is happy to announce that we are deploying an early release version 3 of the myLPFM franchise.  The new Version 3 will be built on the same platform that we use for our Voluntary Public Inspection File (VPIF) system.  Unlike previous versions of myLPFM, access to the new version 3 will be restricted to authorized representatives of LPFM licensees.  This restriction allows us to provide features that are more individualized for each station.  Basic access to myLPFM version 3 is free for all LPFM licensees.  Additional features will be available to REC Networks LPFM clients who have had at least $350 aggregated spend for specific services that REC provides.  

Initial features of the new Version 3 of myLPFM for all LPFM stations include:

  • Basic station information
  • Links to the station license and renewal authorizations
  • The ability to check another location within 10 miles for LPFM availability for station moves
  • The ability to check the current location for alternate channels available
  • A comparison of the height above average terrain (HAAT) on the authorization record with live checks of two terrain databases to determine if the station is being able to operate at the effective radiated power (ERP) that it is entitled to.
  • Station application history
  • The ability to update the station listing in the national LPFM station directory, LPFM.US include the ability to upload a logo
  • Check locations to determine if antenna structure registration or notification to a nearby AM station is necessary

Additional features for REC clients include:

  • Channel searches of up to 20 miles from the LPFM station location.
  • The ability to search for LPFM sites by street address, as well as by coordinates, FM station call letters or antenna structure registration numbers.
  • Disclosure of which stations that are considered to possibly cause interference to an LPFM operation at the proposed site.
  • Disclosure of stations that are super powered or could cause "HD hijack" which could cause potential incoming interference.
  • Station move map (where an LPFM station can move to on the same channel).
  • LPFM encroachment report.

Features we are working on include:

  • Check locations for undesired/desired interference by FM translators (currently available as a standalone tool at
  • The ability to log listener complaints of translator interference and to build the reports necessary to file a translator interference complaint (client feature)
  • 60 dBu contour map of proposed facility.
  • Contour overlap study for moves over 11.2 kilometers (client feature)
  • Channel reject report (shows all 100 channels and why certain channels are not available for LPFM)
  • Wide area search map (client feature)

The myLPFM tool can be accessed at:

Those stations that already have a password for the REC Voluntary Public Inspection File system should be able to use that password for access to myLPFM.  Those stations without VPIF access can request a password through myLPFM.  A validation system will be used to verify email addresses.  Those who have used REC services in the past (regardless of spend) and where we have your station's FRN and FRN password on file can use these credentials during the signup process.  

Stations having difficulty signing up for access can contact REC Networks by email for assistance.