REC Networks announces guidelines for 2023 listings in the National LPFM Station Directory (

REC Networks operates the National LPFM Station Directory at  This directory lists every LPFM station across the country.  

During the last two weeks of the year (Christmas week and New Years week), REC has been doing an extensive inventory of all 2,000+ LPFM stations in order to try to find them so they can be listed.  This is a very time consuming process, especially with the many stations that choose to not be visible through the lack of a website and social media presence.  

To help reduce the burden to do this year's inventory and to reward stations that choose to be visible and participate in the LPFM community, REC is enacting some new criteria for listings in the 2023 edition of the National LPFM Station Directory. 

All LPFM stations will continue to be listed with the station's call letters, community of license and ownership information.  Unless as outlined below, stations will not be listed with their station names, programming formats, logos or links.  

REC is going to limit full listings of LPFM stations for which information can be obtained to only the following stations:

  • Any LPFM station that is currently signed up to, regardless of whether they are an REC client or not. 
  • Stations that have had a past client relationship with REC Networks, regardless of minimum spend.
  • Stations that have received advocacy support from REC Networks in the past. 
  • Other stations, which are visible, which in the opinion of REC Networks, provides a unique radio service and is benificial to the showcase of the LPFM radio service.

The easiest way to guarantee a full listing on is to sign up for is free for all LPFM stations and you do not need to be an REC client to use it. 

You can use myLPFM to update your station's name, format, logo, links and streaming information for immediate update on  You can also use it to apply for international presence through RadioDNS. 

Please be a part of the LPFM community by registering your station at and using the services that are available there.