Launch of Mastodon instance:

REC Networks has launched a Mastodon instance at

Access to this Mastodon instance and the use of user names are limited to the following:

  • Official station presence for LPFM stations.
  • Official station presence for small full-service noncommercial educational broadcast entities which have an annual revenue of less than $100,000.
  • Personal accounts of those persons who are directly involved in LPFM and small full-service noncommercial educational entities.
  • Personal accounts of those persons who are recognized as being directly involved in the promotion, support and advocacy of LPFM and small full-service noncommercial entities.
  • Official accounts of business and nonprofit entities that directly provide services and equipment to LPFM and small full-service noncommercial broadcast entities. will also be used as the origination point for "bot" accounts that are used to support the REC Networks properties including broadcast services, J1 Radio as well as supporting the Riverton Radio Project Association.  We will be soon setting up additional bot accounts for the delivery of Amber Alerts and other emergency information using our connection to the IPAWS-OPEN system. is currently connected to the Fediverse using the feeds from six relay sites and posts made from throughout the Fediverse can be seen at the site.   Fediverse posts will be retained for 14 days.

The following user names are reserved for official station sites:

  • 4 characters starting with K or W.
  • User names beginning with K or W and ending with LP or FM. 

Users can sign up at  Please allow about 48 hours for validation. 

Mastodon is a "decentralized" social media network with many of the characteristics of Twitter.  Instead of "tweets", Mastodon uses "toots".  Toots can be up to 500 characters each.   Toots made from will be visible on other Fediverse sites as well as to those who follow your account.  If a user on a different Mastodon server wishes to follow a user name, they can follow you from their site.  They do not need to also establish an account here.

Stations wishing to use for "bot" accounts for services such as live playlists, local news, etc. should first contact REC Networks for review and potential approval of the activity.

REC's deployment of Mastodon does not affect our current bot and live update services provided through Twitter.

REC's official presence on Mastodon is at  You can follow that account from any Mastodon server.  


Sunday, December 25, 2022
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