REC statement on the 2023 nomination of Gigi Sohn to the FCC

Now that the 118th Congress is now in session (well, at least the Senate), we are very excited to receive the news that the President has once again nominated Gigi Sohn to fill in the long vacant fifth seat on the Federal Communications Commission.

As we have said before, we need a Commissioner on the FCC who will not be the NAB's lap dog.  REC thinks that Sohn will be that person.  We have a few initiatives at REC to improve citizens' access to spectrum including LP-250, translator reform, rural noncommercial radio and the 8-meter ham band. These are not issues she that she promised to recuse herself from.  Sohn's grassroots experience will be a perfect fit for community radio.  Our spectrum belongs to the people, not just the large corporations.  We think that Sohn has the best person who can represent the rest of us. 

We wish her the best of luck through the confirmation process and we call on all Senators, especially Sinema and Manchin to support her and finally break the 2-2 deadlock on the FCC once and for all.