eLMS: Grant Rescinded status

eLMS is adding a new status code GRR to indicate an application grant that has been rescinded and returned to pending status.

When an application comes into LMSlist (formerly LMSbot) or if the application is otherwise retrieved through the eLMS parser and the application status is currently pending in LMS, the systems will check the LMS application history to see if the application was previously granted.  If it was previously granted, then the status will be GRR-Grant Rescinded.  

While GRR is considered an "action" (such as for the purposes of FCC.today), it is not considered a dismissal.  The application is still active, including any "accepted for filing" status as determined by REC based on FCC Public Notice data.  An application that is GRR can eventually be changed to a grant or a dismissal.  If the application is amended, the new version of the application will pick up the REV status until FCC staff reviews the application If staff accepts the amendment, then the previous version of the applciation will switch to SUP (superceded) status and the new version will revert to PEN (pending) or ACP (accepted for filing). 

There is a limitation that if the grant and the rescinding of the grant back to pending take place on the same day, the rescinded status may not appear in eLMS unless the application is manually pushed through the system or another application sends another push of that application through the eLMS parser on a subsequent day. 

Grant Rescinded status will also appear in FCCdata. 

Once again, Grant Rescinded status simply means that the FCC granted the application, but then pulled it back to a pending status for further review.  It does not mean that the applicant has authority to construct, nor does it mean that the application has been dismissed.  It's just back in pending status again. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2024
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Filing Window Tracking Tool
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