Window Tracker: State application statistics

The Filing Window Tracking Tool will now include state by state statistics on the number of applications in various categories.  The following filing windows will be supported:

  • 2000-2001 First Generation LPFM Filing Window Series
  • 2007 NCE FM Filing Window
  • 2010 NCE FM Allotments Filing Window
  • 2013 Second Generation LPFM Filing Window
  • 2014 NCE FM Allotments Filing WIndow
  • 2021 NCE FM Filing Window
  • 2023 Third Generation LPFM Filing Window

This list will be viewable on the default (State Lists) page.  Similar functionality appeared to support the 2013 window from the now defunct "ASPEN" (Application Status in Plain ENglish) service that REC used to operate.

For each state, the following information wil be shown:

  • Singleton Pending - Applications that have not yet been accepted for filing.
  • Public Safety - (2023 LPFM window only) Applications that have not been accepted for filing that originated from one of three applicants who filed multiple applications in the window (this includes both singleton and MX applications). 
  • Garbage List - Ungranted applications that currently appear on the Garbage List (questionable, likely ungrantable applications).
  • MX - Applicants that have been identified by REC (and eventually the FCC) as being mutually exclusive.  This may include applicants who were originally MX but were able to become subsequently singleton, but their application has not been accepted for filing.  Does not include applicants on the Garbage List nor designed public safety applications from the three spotlight applicants.
  • Accepted - Applications that have been published on a FCC Public Notice as accepted for filing.
  • Granted - Applications that have been granted by the FCC, including applications that were subsequentially cancelled.
  • Dismissed - Applications that have been dismissed by the FCC.
  • Total - The total number of applications filed in that state.
  • Progress - The percentage of applications in which a decision has been made (granted vs. dismissed).
  • Grant Ratio - Of the applications where there has been an action (granted or dismissed), the percentage of applications that have been granted. 

The last line will include the totals in each classification.

Older filing windows that are already 100% finished will only show Granted, Dismissed, Total, Progress and Grant Ratio.

Overall Grant Ratio is the percentage of grants compared to the number of applications filed in the window on a national scale.  

Fixed the bug that prevented applications from the 2014 NCE Allotments Window from showing on the state list.

Saturday, February 17, 2024
Systems affected: 
Filing Window Tracking Tool
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