Radio resumptions of operation, workflow improvements, Riverton hardware upgrade

eLMS is now fully processing applications for resumption of operations on AM and FM broadcast facilities.  This means that they will now properly appear in FCCdata with suspension and resumption dates and the number of days of the outage.  The "silence log" in eLMS is still not taking into consideration stations that resume their operations through a license to cover application. This will be addressed in a future enhancement.  To bring eLMS up to date, we performed a mass run of 1,900 AM and FM resumption applications that have been filed since the conversion of radio to LMS. 

REC also made some substantial improvements to its internal work flow system that is used to track applications.through our processes.  While we do not discuss specific details of this system publicly, the enhancements have added new functionality where a "task" can be created for requests that may not need an actual order/ticket.  Tasks can either be linked to a facility or stand-alone.  Tasks that are linked to facilities can be converted to a ticket/order if an application is requested.  We have also installed a new calendar system within work flow in order to better manage the business day.  We note that due to family situations taking place right now, our time to work with stations is a little more limited than in the past.  The calendar functions will allow us to best manage that time to help improve response times from REC. '

While it does not directly impact our public facing services, we have upgraded most of our internal network to 1GB, which is helping with certain activities and prepares the lab to experiment with and deploy audio over IP (AoIP) delivery within Riverton. 

With this changelog, we are also announcing the cancellation of the System40 project.  



Sunday, May 5, 2024
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RealTime Updates
System40 Conversion
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