FAQ: The LPFM original construction permit is granted, how do I get a call sign?

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First, if you need some inspiration on what calls may be available, visit https://recnet.net/calls.  Remember, stations east of the Mississippi River (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) use call signs beginning with W, while stations west of the Mississppi River (including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, CNMI and American Samoa) use call signs beginning with K

Next, go to the FCC's LMS filing site.

To visit the LMS site, click here

To request a call sign, first make sure the call sign is available.  Visit the LMS system, do not log in.

  • Click on "LMS Public Search"
  • Click on "Call Sign Search"
  • Enter the call sign you want to reserve (without the -LP).
  • If the call sign is available, there will be a green background and a message stating that the call sign is available.

From that point, you can log into LMS and reserve the call sign.

  • From the call sign search result, click "Log In" on the upper right corner of the window.  This will return you to the login screen.
  • Log into LMS with your FRN and password.
  • Once logged in, click on the Facilities link shown on the bar that has [Applications | Authorizations | Facilities].
  • On the Facilities page, click on your facility ID number (6 digit number starting with 7).
  • On the next screen that shows up, click the blue "File an Application" button, it will drop down with some options, the first option should be "Call Sign Request", move the mouse down to that and then a separate menu will pop up with choices, click on the one that states "Permittee Initial Request" (or something like that).
  • On the first page that comes back, answer 'Yes' to being exempt from filing and regulatory fees.  A reason box will pop up there, just state the reason for the fee waiver is "NCE" (noncommercial educational).  Check "no" for waiver request and then click continue.
  • There will be screens to recap your station and contact information. Click "Save & Continue" to get through those two screens.
  • On the call sign page that comes up, you will need to enter your desired callsign with the LP suffix (e.g. WVWA-LP).
  • You will need the file number of your original application filed, this is the 10-digit number that begins with "00002". 
  • It will ask for an effective date, click on the calendar to pick the earliest date (should be about 7 days out). 
  • On the "obtained consent" question, click "N/A".
  • Click Save and Continue and you will see the application summary.
  • Click the green "Certify" button at the bottom of the summary to get to the certification screen.
  • Enter your name and title and check the certification box and then click on the button below that to file the application.
  • The system will return your file number and it will be filed.

You will be able to see your application in the REC systems such as https://fcc.today within about 20 minutes of it being filed. 

Media Bureau staff have been really good with promptly granting these call sign requests. It may even happen the same day.  The LMS system will send an automated email to you to inform of the grant (similar to how your original CP was granted).  You will also see your grant show up on fcc.today within about 20 minutes after the FCC staff does it.

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