Mid Jan 21 Enhancements: party info, consummation notices


Changes the source for the header to LMS for all facilities, not just those that were started in LMS (facility ID > 700000).   The CDBS header will no longer be used.

AM facilities now show frequency in the (LMS) header.

Changed LMS facility status from all-caps (as shown in the LMS raw data) to mixed case.

Removed functionality: Due to limitations in the LMS raw data (LMS facility file does not include frequency on foreign records), Mexico records in USA mode will no longer display cross references to the Mexico IFT concession records.  Users will have to obtain details by accessing using the Mexico mode.

Added international broadcast station support to the LMS header.

Added the logo display functionality (similar to that in the CDBS header) into the LMS header environment.

On LPFM records, if there is a valid directory listing in LPFM.us, some details about that listing will appear above the map on the right side including the station’s name, format, website link, social media links, network and association affiliations and links to streaming audio.

Removed references to former site denpahoso.com from various pages.

EZ Forms

Ownership information for mailing address verification will now source from LMS instead of CDBS.

CDBS contact representative information changed to require the entry of a contact representative name on each order.  This is due to the structure change in LMS.

Moved source for getting current FRN from CDBS to eLMS.

Application signatory will now be lines for entry of name and title, replacing the CDBS method of using a list from the positional interest file.  An entry of name and title will be required.

Voluntary Public Inspection File System (lpfm.ws)

Changes the sources of various aspects of facility information from CDBS to LMS. 

Fixed the bug that caused complete site failure in the event that the FCC does not send a CDBS party.dat file.

Added new functionality to display authorizations for licenses and renewals if they were issued in LMS.

New functionality added to parties to the application (board members) functionality when the application is filed in LMS (using eLMS) reflecting the conversion of assignments/transfers and original construction permits from CDBS to LMS.

Toybox: LPFM Renewal Announcement Tool (recnet.com/renewal)

Changed source of facility information from CDBS to LMS.

Pending Application List (recnet.net/pending)

Added functionality on pending CDBS applications where if there is no party.dat file, then LMS facility data will be queried to get the name associated with the facility.

eLMS: Consummation Notices

LMSBOT will now direct notices of consummation and notices of non-consummation to a new eLMS parsing script designed for consummation applications. 

Extensions of consummation are still not yet tracked in eLMS.  So far, none have been filed.  Once applications are filed, then we can develop at that time.

Also, some changes to internal REC systems to support the LMS party structure.

1/18/2021 17:45 ET -------------------------------------------

Fixed post release bug where the FCC public file link in the header was going to the wrong URL.


Monday, January 18, 2021
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FCCdata.org denpahoso.com
Voluntary Public File System
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