10/31/2022 FCCdata RDS PI Code expansion Enhancement
10/29/2022 RadioDNS Phase 1 - FCCdata Enhancement, J1 HD audio streaming
10/13/2022 eLMS RealTime and raw data update service changes Enhancement, REC systems issue eLMS, DataStore
10/12/2022 Electronic Documents: Loss of FCC API, REC now redirecting to FCC public EDOCS site. Enhancement, REC systems issue REC Website Content
10/06/2022 VPIF: Suspension of new user registrations Enhancement Voluntary Public File System
10/02/2022 @DelmarvaEAS Twitter converted to new IPAWS data Enhancement DataStore
10/01/2022 CAP/IPAWS All Hazards Support Enhancement DataStore
09/30/2022 myLPFM: Channel Reject Report Enhancement myLPFM v3
09/29/2022 Slow systems, incorrect results, real time update delay REC systems issue,, eLMS
09/29/2022 myLPFM: HAAT Check - Mexico strip zone Enhancement myLPFM v3