09/29/2022 Slow systems, incorrect results, real time update delay REC systems issue,, eLMS
09/27/2022 myLPFM: Changes and fixes Enhancement myLPFM v3
09/26/2022 myLPFM: Translator Interference & new main menu, standalone U/D Tool retirement Enhancement myLPFM v3
09/18/2022 FCCdata: Mapping display issues resolved Enhancement
09/18/2022 myLPFM Version 3 Enhancement myLPFM v3
09/14/2022 myLPFM v2 retired REC systems issue myLPFM v3
09/11/2022 LPFM Generation 3 Filing Window Show of Interest Enhancement REC Website Content, eLMS, DataStore
08/20/2022 Pending Application List / Public Notice handling issue Enhancement,, REC Website Content, eLMS
08/15/2022 Granted call sign requests Enhancement
08/14/2022 FCCdata/eLMS: FM translator primary stations Enhancement, eLMS