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LPFM Filing Window Update (May 10, 2023)

Good morning from Riverton. 

The last time we did a full update on this, it was in September 2022.  Time for a further update.

I frequently get the question, "when will the LPFM window be?".  I cannot give a date yet, but there has been progress to getting us closer to the FCC issuing a public notice to advise of an LPFM filing window.

In the past, going back to former Chairman Ajit Pai, the culture in the FCC has been that once the 2021 non-commercial educational (NCE) FM filing window was completed, then the FCC would open a window for LPFM applications. 

RM-11843: REC expresses continued support for 8 meter band in letter to FCC, NTIA

In a letter to staff within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), REC Networks, through it's founder, Michelle (Michi) Bradley, KU3N, expressed continuing support for RM-11843, a Petition for Rulemaking filed by REC in support of creating a new allocation for the Amateur Radio Service (ARS) on a secondary basis in a portion of spectrum between 40 and 41 MHz, commonly referred to as th

REC files comments in support of improvements to HD Radio

REC Networks has filed comments in MB Docket 22-405.  The FCC requested comments on two Petitions for Rulemaking.  One was filed by the National Association of Broadcasters and Xperi, the owner of the HD Radio technology to change the guidelines for digital effective radiated power (ERP) on stations running HD that are nearby other facilities on first-adjacent channels.  The second petition was filed by NAB, Xperi and National Public Radio to request that the FCC normalize the use of "asynchronous sideband" operation by stations operating HD Radio.

REC 2022 Annual Report on LPFM station counts and segmentation.

REC Networks provides an end of year "annual report" on the current count and organizational segment makeup of the Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcast service.  The number of LPFM stations are currently declining.  The main reasons for the past year's declines can be attributed to a few factors including stations that did not renew their licenses as well as organizations that are divesting their LPFM stations as a result of a granted construction permit in the 2021 NCE FM Filing Window.  The following data is a snapshot that is based as of end of business on December 30, 2022 (the last business d

REC tells FCC that EAS cybersecurity plan is overkill for Small Stations, calls on EAS manufacturers to step up to address security concerns

REC Networks has filed comments with the FCC in PS Docket 22-329, a proceeding related to Emergency Alert System (EAS) readiness and cyber security.

REC LPFM Advisory Letter #13 - NCE Filing Window Impact to LPFM Stations on Channels 201~222 (88.1~92.3) - Encroachment and Potential Displacement

Updated December 19, 2022

Revision #4 - New displacement warning issued for KPCY-LP. Updated to reflect modification of KQLO-LP. Delete cancelled license for WEMQ-LP. Updates for KCWG-LP., WGGM-LP, WMBT-LP, KCIU-LP, WDSW-LP, KEQQ-LP, WFGU-LP, KXPE-LP, KJZX-LP, KTHN-LP.

This revision is a routine update to this Advisory Letter to reflect actions taken by the Media Bureau and the full Commission in the 2021 NCE Window as well as subsequent modifications filed by NCE grantees.  

Rant from Riverton: I can relate to Musk's mindset ~ but I don't approve of his tactics.

For the past 72 hours, I have been following the whole Elon Musk Twitter issue with the banning of accounts related to the @ElonJet account that was retransmitting ACARS and other data regarding the position of his private jet as well as the many journalists who have been caught in the gauntlet for reporting on it. 

REC announces LPFM stations eligible for full listings at for 2023

Every year, REC conducts an inventory of Low Power FM (LPFM) stations.  This inventory is used to drive the listings at, the National LPFM Station Directory as well as maintain our statistical data for the 6 Segments data, which is used for regulatory advocacy and other purposes.


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