REC now accepting Show of Interest for the 2023 LPFM Filing Window!

REC accepting Shows of Interest for the upcoming LPFM Filing Window between November 1~8, 2023. Learn more at and have REC handle your application at
REC operational status (August 18, 2023, until further notice) - REC is in modified operations due to the upcoming LPFM filing window and other resource intensive projects. We are currently not accepting any incoming live telephone calls. Callers are advised to please leave a message on the voice mail. Those wanting to start a new LPFM station do not need to call or e-mail us. Instead, visit and start the process there. Those with questions about LPFM can visit to get a general explanation of the service or use the resources at to get more information to more detailed issues (see and

For existing stations, due to our resource needs as a result of the upcoming LPFM filing window, REC has declared a temporary embargo on the following services:

  • Modifications of licensed facilities in all services.
  • Assignment of License & Transfer of Control applications in all services.
  • Modification of license applications in all services.
  • Requests for new FM Booster and Alaska Class D stations.
  • Special Temporary Authority applications except those in response to natural or man made disasters.
  • Digital notifications in all services.
  • The following services will continue to be available during the REC embargo:

  • Administrative updates.
  • Silent notifications, silent STA requests, extensions of silent STAs, extensions of STAs previously handled by REC and resumption notifications.
  • License to cover applications for modification and CP applications originally handled by REC.
  • Modification of granted construction permit applications originally handled by REC.
  • Activities related to the EAS National Periodic Test
  • These embargos will be lifted on November 13, 2023 or if we can determine that we have adequate resource time to handle embargoed application types. Thank you for your understanding. The Podcast is on hiatus until after the close of the LPFM filing window.

    FCC to consider ongoing operation of existing FM6/Franken FMs, Expanded FM Band and Elimination of Reserved Band Protection Requirements

    At the June FCC Open Meeting, the Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in MB Docket 03-185 in regards to Low Power TV (LPTV) stations operating on Channel 6 that provide an analog FM radio service on 87.75 MHz.  REC and the FCC refer to these as "FM6" stations and they are commonly referred to as "Franken FM" stations.  The FCC is also considering changes that would eliminate the reserved band FM Channel 6 protection requirements and to extend the FM broadcast band to 82.1 MHz in areas where no channel 6 operations are taking place.

    FCC to move more radio filings to LMS on May 17, 2022

    The FCC has announced that over a dozen different types of filings that were done previously in CDBS and temporarily on "paper" (email notification), as well as some new filing types will be able to be done electronically through LMS starting on May 17, 2022. 

    These application types include:

    2021 NCE Window: What's next in the process? (updated 5/2/22)

    As we proceed through the aftermath of the 2021 NCE Filing Window, some may be asking, how long it is going to take for the FCC to start granting applications.  If we attempt to compare to the 2007 NCE window, it may be a challenge to compare since the 2007 window was much more enormous in scale.  In 2007, the FCC received over 3,000 applications, which resulted in the establishment of 457 groups of mutually exclusive (MX) applications.  By comparison, in the 2021 window, the FCC received 1,282 applications, resulting in 231 MX groups.

    REC Position: Those with a "pirate past" directing existing LPFM stations

    Let’s be up front on one issue before we continue, many years ago, REC issued a position statement about unlicensed operation of a broadcast station, commonly referred to as “pirate radio”.

    REC conducts document audit on NCE MX groups in point system

    Between February 4 and February 9, 2022, REC Networks (REC) conducted an exercise where in order to better predict the potential winners of mutually exclusive (MX) groups from the 2021 NCE Filing Window (Window), we reviewed applications that were subject to comparative review in the point system.  As such, we examined documents provided in order to support claims for the established local presence, diversity and state-wide network points.  If we had found a lack of supporting documentation or documentation contrary to the points being claimed, we would reject those claims in our system, note the reason for the rejection of those claims, re-compare the group and in some cases, select a new potential winner.

    CDBS one step closer to retirement

    The Federal Communications Commission has announced today that effective Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 5PM ET, electronic filings in the Commission's Centralized Database System (CDBS) will no longer be accepted.  This is the next step in the overall retirement of CDBS.  On September 25, 2019, the FCC moved all FM broadcast engineering applications from CDBS to LMS and on November 18, 2020, the FCC moved assignments of license and transfer of control applications from CDBS to LMS

    LPFM Annual Inventory completed

    REC has completed the annnual inventory of Low Power FM (LPFM) broadcast stations.  The results of the inventory can be found at  LPFM stations should check their listing and if there are any corrections, or we were not able to find any information and you have that information, please use the form link at the bottom of that page in order to send your updates to REC.  They will be added once confirmed.

    REC Networks returns to normal operations on Monday, January 3, 2022.

    Thank you for your patience during the holidays.  Please have a good and safe 2022!


    REC's annual LPFM station inventory is in high gear

    Our year end tradition is under way.  We go through and try to find each LPFM station through their internet presence so they can be fully listed at The Official LPFM Station Directory

    Our search through each state in alphabetical order.  


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