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Information on A10 Service Class - Upgrade/Impact Search Tool

REC Networks releases application information for 77 LPFM applicants

As of the time of this writing (Saturday, December 16, 2023), the FCC has not yet released the information on the applications filed in the 2023 LPFM Filing Window. The FCC's methods of handling of the application data post window is a great departure to how the 2021 NCE Filing Window was done where we were able to see all of the applications filed approximately two hours after the window closed. We understand that there are some back office functions that need to take place which may require taking LMS down for a period of time. Therefore, we do not know when this will take place.

FCC grants short extension of LPFM filing window until Friday December 15 at 12 noon ET

At the request of members of the LPFM community, prompted by the recent LMS vulerability incident, the FCC has granted a short extension of the LPFM filing window.  

The window will now close on Friday, December 15 at 12 NOON EASTERN TIME.  

REC Overview and Root Cause Analysis of the 2023 LPFM Window LMS Vulnerability Incident

During an FCC filing window for new broadcast construction permits, such as the 2021 Noncommercial Educational (NCE) FM filing window and the current 2023 Third Generation Low Power FM (LPFM) filing window, the FCC suppresses the applications in the License Management System (LMS) from being publicly viewed until after the close of the window.  This is in order to assure the fairness of the window as all applications filed in the window are considered as simultaneously filed.

A recent discussion on a Facebook group related to Low Power FM (LPFM) had expressed concern over what was being called by some as a “data breach”.  Specifically, it was reported that it was possible to view LPFM applications that were filed during the window period prior to the close of the window period.

FAQ: I have filed an LPFM application in the 2023 Window and I have noticed a mistake. What can I do?

You need to review your application fully before filing to assure that all information on that application is correct.

If, during the filing window and after certifying the application and receiving a file number, you notice that there is a mistake on the application, the ability to correct the application will depend on what the mistake was and when it was caught.

FCC extends EAS compliance deadline only for Sage users

In an Order released today by the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, the FCC has granted in part, the request made by REC Networks and the National Association of Broadcasters to extend the compliance date to support the new CAP Polling and revised EAS descriptors from December 12, 2023 through March 11, 2024.  

REC temporary system changes for Ownership Report deadline and LPFM window impacting,, Tracker Tool, eLMS

Broadcast ownership reports are due on December 1, 2023.  The Third Generation LPFM Filing Window will take place between December 6 and December 13, 2023.   To accommodate these dates and to keep a load off of the FCC systems, REC will place the following temporary changes in effect:

REC announces the start of a major system transition plan: "System40"

REC Networks has been known for running our assets "into the ground".  This includes our past phone system hardware, the software and hardware that we use and even the cars we drive.

With many of the components of the REC database infrastucture reaching or already past their end of life with some portions serving the universe for up to 20 years, it is time to do a major systems overhaul.  

In 2024, we will launch the "System40" initative.  System40 is named to coincide with the 40th anniversary of REC Networks.  

The key elements of System40 include:

REC and NAB ask FCC to extend EAS CAP Polling compliance date

REC Networks and the National Association of Broadcasters have filed a joint request with the Federal Communications Commission for a 90-day extension of the upcoming December 12, 2023 compliance date of the requirement that Emergency Alert Systems prioritize alerts that are received through the Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS) of a Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)-formatted version of an EAS message when it receives both a legacy version (by radio) and a CAP-formatted version of the same alert.


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